AFRL Stereo Rig Sensor Suite


The AFRL stereo rig is an underwater sensor suite that comprises of:

  • stereo cameras with modular baseline
  • IMU
  • mechanical scanning profiling sonar
  • depth sensor
  • Intel NUC

The sensor suite is made with a purpose of localizing and mapping underwater environments. Please refer to [StereoRig18] for the detail specification. The design objectives of this underwater sensor rig include:

  • Portable
  • Standardization of hardware and software
  • Simple to operate
  • Waterproofness to technical-diver operational depths
  • Low cost


[StereoRig18]Rahman, S.; Karapetyan, N; Quattrini Li, A.; and Rekleitis, I. “A Modular Sensor Suite for Underwater Reconstruction” Proceedings of the MTS/IEEE OCEANS -- Charleston (2018)