Project driftNode

Instructional Links

Links included for you to build and operate your very own driftNode.


We wrote a paper on the driftNode and submitted it to the CRV 2015 conference, where it was accepted.
Click here to view it!

About the Creators

This small section details the hard work of the people involved in making this project come to life. We are all very proud of the work we have done.

Project Manager: Daniel Boydstun

Daniel oversaw the project and made sure everyone was working smoothly. He helped where he was needed, especially on analysing the GPS data.

Hardware Specialist: Matt Farich

Matt was responsible for logging countless hours on the Raspberry Pis compiling them. He was also responsible for designing their final housing. He also worked on analysing the IMU data.

Software & Website: John McCarthy

He worked on the software aspect of the project. He also designs and maintains the website. He helped with analysis of the GPS data.

Software & Hardware: Silas Rubinson

Scared away the bugs from the code. That's how it works right? He worked on creating the image trails that the nodes took on their trip to Barbados.

Software & Wifi: Zack Smith

His main job was to get the wifi working. The Pi did not allow this to be an easy task. He was also responsible for analysis of the Wifi data collected by the Pi.

Academic Advisor: Ioannis Rekleitis

Dr. Rekleitis oversaw the project, which was his brain child.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Special thanks to the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing for their generous support and funding for our project.