Shallow Coral Reef Surveying by Inexpensive Drifters

Marios Xanthidis, Alberto Quattrini Li, Ioannis Rekleitis
In MTS/IEEE OCEANS - Shanghai 2016.


Abstract: Coral reefs exhibit the highest biodiversity in the ocean and are an extremely vulnerable ecosystem. Monitoring the state of the reefs is a tedious process performed by human divers which can be automated. This paper presents the use of several inexpensive drifting sensor nodes in order to reconstruct a visual mosaic of a shallow coral reef. The drifters produce geo-referenced visual data from a downward facing camera while floating above a shallow-water coral reef. The vision is augmented with inertial data enabling the recovery of the drifter's attitude. A brief description of the drifters together with a framework to produce visual mosaics are discussed. Experimental results from a deployment over the Folkestone Marine Reserve in Barbados demonstrating the utility of our approach are presented.



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