Simultaneous Planning, Localization, and Mapping in a Camera Sensor Network

Ioannis Rekleitis, David Meger, Gregory Dudek
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Nov. 2006
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Abstract: In this paper we examine issues of localization, exploration, and planning in the context of a hybrid robot/camera-network system. We exploit the ubiquity of camera networks to use them as a source of localization data. Since the Cartesian position of the cameras in most networks is not known accurately, we consider the issue of how to localize such cameras. To solve this hybrid localization problem, we subdivide it into a local problem of camera-parameter estimation combined with a global planning and navigation problem. We solve the local camera-calibration problem by using fiducial markers embedded in the robot and by selecting robot trajectories in front of each camera that provide good calibration and field-of-view accuracy.We propagate information among the cameras and the successive positions of the robot using an Extended Kalman filter. Finally, we move the robot between the camera positions to explore the network using heuristic exploration strategies. The paper includes experimental data from an indoor office environment as well as tests on simulated data sets.



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