Multi-robot Dubins Coverage with Autonomous Surface Vehicles

Nare Karapetyan, Jason Moulton, Jeremy Lewis, Alberto Quattrini Li, Jason O'Kane, Ioannis Rekleitis
In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2018.


Abstract:In large scale coverage operations, such as marine exploration or aerial monitoring, single robot approaches are not ideal, as they may take too long to cover a large area. In such scenarios, multi-robot approaches are preferable. Furthermore, several real world vehicles are non-holonomic, but can be modeled using Dubins vehicle kinematics. This paper focuses on environmental monitoring of aquatic environments using Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs). In particular, we propose a novel approach for solving the problem of complete coverage of a known environment by a multi-robot team consisting of Dubins vehicles. It is worth noting that both multi-robot coverage and Dubins vehicle coverage are NP-complete problems. As such, we present two heuristics methods based on a variant of the traveling salesman problem—k-TSP—formulation and clustering algorithms that efficiently solve the problem. The proposed methods are tested both in simulations to assess their scalability and with a team of ASVs operating on a 200 km2 lake to ensure their applicability in real world.




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