Sonar Visual Inertial SLAM of Underwater Structures

Sharmin Rahman, Alberto Quattrini Li, Ioannis Rekleitis
In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2018.


Abstract: This paper presents an extension to a state of the art Visual-Inertial state estimation package (OKVIS) in order to accommodate data from an underwater acoustic sensor. Mapping underwater structures is important in several fields, such as marine archaeology, search and rescue, resource management, hydrogeology, and speleology. Collecting the data, however, is a challenging, dangerous, and exhausting task. The underwater domain presents unique challenges in the quality of the visual data available; as such, augmenting the exteroceptive sensing with acoustic range data results in improved reconstructions of the underwater structures. Experimental results from underwater wrecks, an underwater cave, and a submerged bus demonstrate the performance of our approach.




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