Environment Exploration Using ``Just-in-Time'' Sensor Fusion

Gregory Dudek, Paul Freedman, Ioannis Rekleitis
In Vision Interface 1996.


Abstract: This paper describes an approach to combining range data from both a set of sonar sensors as well as from a directional laser range finder to efficiently take advantage of the characteristics of both types of devices when exploring and mapping unknown worlds. We call our approach "just in time sensing" because it uses the more accurate but constrained laser range sensor only as needed, based upon a preliminary interpretation of sonar data. In this respect, it resembles ``just in time'' inventory control which attempts to judiciously obtain materials for industrial manufacturing only when and as needed. Experiments with a mobile robot equipped with sonar and a laser rangefinder demonstrate that by judiciously using the more accurate but more complex laser rangefinder to deal with the well-known ambiguity which arises in sonar data, we are able to obtain a much better map of an interior space at little additional cost (in terms of time and computational expense).



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