Drifter Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring

Daniel Boydstun, Matthew Farich, John McCarthy III, Silas Rubinson, Zachary Smith, Ioannis Rekleitis
In Canadian Conference on Computer Robot Vision (CRV) 2015.


Abstract: This paper presents the design, development, and deployment of a sensor network of drifter nodes. The target domain is coastal water monitoring, and study of Lagrangian water dynamics. The nodes are equipped with a camera, inertial measurement unit (IMU), GPS, WiFi, and a computing unit. Each unit is water resistant, with buoyancy characteristics that enable it to float in a vertical position. The sensors are capable of recording geolocated visual data at variable rates. They collect Lagrangian current observations as they move along the water surface. In addition to the current measurements, the drifters are also recording image data that provide insights about the health of the marine life below the surface. We propose, to utilize the motion generated by the wave action in order to record wider field of view images from the ocean floor. Results from a successful deployment of the coast of Barbados are presented together with a discussion on lessons learned.



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